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Link directories have been around since the internet was created and it has played a useful role in not only helping users find the websites they are looking for, it has helped the websites themselves get the exposure they need to become relevant. These days, link directories have certainly become less significant in the eyes of users, what with search engines allowing them to look for websites or topics. However, for website owners and managers, they still present a great opportunity to improve their SEO practices and boost their rankings among search engines.

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What Is A Link Directory

For the most part, a link directory or web directory is basically a list of websites that are listed using their actual names instead of specific keywords or phrases. Unlike search engine results, these lists are manually inputted and are not even usually found by crawlers. Website owners have to submit their website for a listing and once approved, that website will be given a specific spot based on its category or sub-category.

Think of it as an address book or the yellow pages where everything is listed under things like restaurants, cafes, malls, convenience stores, clinics and so on. Submitting one’s website to a link directory is just one way to make it a lot more visible.

What Are The Benefits?

While it’s true that link directories no longer play as big of a role as it did in the past in helping users find certain sites that they are looking for, it is still being used by some today. However, the biggest benefit to submitting one’s site to link directories is its direct effect on SEO.

Since link directories are reviewed by humans and are not just randomly added, search engines consider such websites as more valid than websites which are not on the lists of link directories. More than that, search engines also tend to index websites that are listed on link directories.

Whenever a search engine like Google or Bing send out crawlers to update the information on certain websites, they usually go through link directories first. This means that any website that has a link on a high-value link directory is going to be considered as much more valuable than those that are not.

How Do You Submit Your Website?

In the case of ironlinkdirectory.com, all you have to do is click the “Submit Link” button, choose a category and then wait for your website to be approved. There’s really not much to it other than that. Just make sure that your website meets the standards necessary to qualify for an addition since quality is an aspect that link directories often look at.

How Much Will It Cost You To Submit Your Website?

Nothing. Typically, link directories don’t charge to have websites listed and those that do charge often have incentives for doing so. With ironlinkdirectory.com, however, you don’t have to worry about any fees and you can count on your website getting high PR once you submit it for addition.